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Writing commissions are available for Fiction and Fanfiction. No restrictions on contents as yet, but if any come up, they will be added in a list.

Stories are charged at the advertised price Per Chapter, and Oneshots are singular.
Cell Shading - 1 Character + Background
Searching for The Moon by Ncj700
One character from a fandom, OC, or otherwise in cell-shaded style, with background of choosing.
Cell Shading - Two Characters + Background
I Think This Belongs To You... by Ncj700
Hanami (Stupid Sensei) by Ncj700
KBS - Sparks Fly by Ncj700
Two character in Cell-Shaded style, plus background.
Cell Shading - 5 Character Group + Simple Background Option
Cast of Konoha Boarding School by Ncj700
Five characters at a lower price than singularly. A simple background may be included for an additional 20 points, or remain simple.
Soft-Shading - 2 Characters + Background
Pangea Draconica ~ The Firebird by Ncj700
Soft shaded scene with complete background and two characters, from a fandom or personal creations. 
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I have been a contributor to the FemNaru community for about four or five years (as well as a moderator for :iconnaruko-fans: and :iconsasuke-x-naruko: for a couple of years now), and in particular to the SasukexNaruko fandom, and while I'll be the first to say neither fandom is the largest in the Naruto fan base ( :( ) I've always found it to be a very pleasant one. 

People give feedback and are supportive of newer artists when they appear, myself being one of them. All the comments I received when I first started drawing for this pairing really spurred me to improve my work, and helped me find my own style, which I find is always the hardest part when you first start out as an artist.

That is why I'm posting this warning of an Art Theif within the fandom. I've seen this happen so many times in larger pairings. Yet even there most people have the decency to put a disclaimer on line art they have coloured. When I first started, I did this myself. I have always given credit where I could, especially when I used references from screenshots or PNGs. However, I have never passed those works off as completely my own.

Now I have grown enough as an artist to no longer need that security, but I know that many artists do start out out this way, and while most people are decent enough to give credit where it is due, some people take it a step too far, and are outright thieves.

Such is the case here. The user in question has simply removed any watermarks, and stolen pictures including RPCs from Photobucket and from elsewhere on the internet.

I may be biased, as one of my own artworks was stolen. Admittedly, it's an old one I used reference for from a Sakura PNG many moons ago, but I clearly stated there was a reference involved in the picture.

That does not mean I did not put effort into it. I drew from that reference on my computer screen into a sketchbook (about four hours staring at a screen, re-drawing twice), before scanning the final pencil line drawing 
into my computer. I then spent approximately 2 days drawing the line art, and five more on some very simple colouring.

I worked hard, even if I was using a reference, to get that picture right to the best of my ability. So yes, in short, I'm bloody pissed off that my work has been blatantly stolen.

The original can be seen here 
WIP: Grasp The Wind by Ncj700 It's in several groups, so I know most will recognise it. It clearly has one of my Watermarks on it (though I do regret not placing it on the picture itself more directly now), and upon checking the 'copyright', or what I term as the 'upload date', you can also see it is dated from 2012-2014.

The copy can be found here 
:thumb409420938: on the account of :iconema-uzumaki-chan: having checked the gallery of the user, there is a horrendous inconsitency of drawing style we all know to be a sure sign of the ArtThief.

The drawing is obviously exactly the same bar the removal of a poorly placed watermark, and a 'copyright' date ranging from 2013-2014. Being part of Two Naruko fandom groups as a moderation, I have seen pieces from her gallery when authorising submissions.

I have also seen several pieces taken from RPC PNGs off of photobucket. I know this is not deviant art, and Photobucket is infamous for its traces, but it really just adds up as evidence to me. The owner of the account has even started editing the character into screenshots from the original 'fakeshots' or from PNGs.

So far, I have not reported this person, but have given fair warning that I will do so if this matter is not resolved. I like to think people can repent their actions, but maybe I'm just soft-hearted. Most likely the former, but people make mistakes, and I prefer to give them the chance to repent their actions themselves.

That said, I'm giving this person two days at the very most. In all likelihood, I'll be reporting this later on ( it's 01:20am in the UK right now, and I have a sleep pattern I need to try and get back under control rather that stress over this sort of c***).

Since I know people may have had their work stolen by this person aside from myself, I put the warning out in the hope that it will be passed on.


Ncj700's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
I'm a fairly easygoing person - I like anime, Fanfiction, cosplay, polymer clay, and Nail Art, though my first love hobby-wise will always be creative writing.

Other than that, I'm your average girl. After a somewhat terrible year at it, I've finished college, and currently work at a Spar in my home village. Hopefully it won't be for long, but life is a bitch that way. I'm considering going back, this time in pursuit of something that will give an actual career.

I'm messy, but there are a few things that I'm almost obsessive about keeping in specific order. I have been known to re-arrange the entire anime dvd section in my local HMV because the Studio Ghibli dvds were not in numerical order, nor were they organised amongst the others alphabetically.

I'm a scaredy cat, and in some cases a bit of a cry baby, and terribly absent minded (I've been know to forget an EXAM in the past), and while I haven't broken any bones, I have and will walk into everything including my own shadow.

Get on my bad side and I will hold a grudge longer than it took the Egyptians to build the pyramids. But that takes a lot of doing, so I'm pretty friendly most of the time.

For anyone who wants to get in contact with me here on deviant art, my Email address is

Hope that covers everything :)

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